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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Things have really changed since the last date .. last blogged date... however we are all together ... more precisely closer... not closure.. weird how these two words sounding same but means so opposite.. anyways.. back to the topic... what have changed??

The main character of my last blog .. is at this time of the moment doing really fantastic... engulfed in what he desires.. he is working and for real does what he really enjoys... earning fine.. but mostly enjoying and learning.. good for him ..

Bis - Hal is in luv .. doing great .. happy and confused as it always leads to .. working .. leading to becoming expert in what he does..

Ab - Hi.. is doing great is now a leader in his region not only one office.. las- ata is doing ok .. always confused..

For me .. am not alone now.. ; ) working in financial organization is hectic more now due to slag in the industry and economy itself...

so this is how i start .. will find a topic and will try to blog more.. but cant say as there is acute load shedding .. now for 14 hrs in a day.. one of my cousin told us last time that " After two years there will be no load shedding at all as there will be 24 hrs of power cut in a day" can they do better.. hell ..

Monday, August 17, 2009

Prawesh and Marketing plan

There is this famous tag lines or something like that... right place wrong people..wrong people right place.. right place right people wrong time .. right job wrong job and right now i can go on and on....

stop.. u got to do what u got to do..prawesh wake up and prepare ur plan.. I wish things were easy..but this is life.. what we wish and not and what we do and not are the only things that makes life easier or different but we got to try .. we got to do what we can then rest is not in our hand but what is in our is what we can do .. should not stop..... start...!!!

what is happening to me .. hun!! writing like i have never written before....whatever this is my blog..

Lasata Bday and gold fish

There is this gal.. who is happy and sad and we do not know the reason.. we were full of life.. me and two others.. and we finished our post grad.. and we moved our way .. career as they say..now we are three of us.. and two of us .. and one of us.. still today was her bday.. It was like our responsibility to arrange for the bday party all the time ...

This time as always we wanted to make it a blast .. sadly time was the limit .. finally we met in the evening and joined the party .. late though.. we played dumbseraz which was dumb in itself missed the missing frens.. when we played.. finally gold fish saved the essence of the party atleast for us.. so there was it .. in a pot filled with water colorful stone and a plastic leaf .. a pair of gold fish..it is yours but please dunt name it ..... ashim and rubina .. it is just gold fish and ur bday gift lasata ..happy bday

Saturday, August 15, 2009


society you're crazy breed
Hope you're not lonely without me

that is what is playing now in my media player.. and this song is so perfect like everything abt it...

anyways blogging after a long long time like a year..so many things have changed .. my student phase coll days are over.. joind office hun and it is kinda dull at times.. but good lets see for a year.. i think i will 'try' to blog again.. keep track of what i do and keep myself update..

want to search and write and post something related to telecenter that can help.. so lets try ..

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Moving ahead or is it.....? ---- Part 2, infact the real part....

So now the blogging part...

One of my frens smsd me just now.. tan ke ma bhot halne? (whom are u going to vote).. for those who does not know tom.. from 7 am to 5 in the evening .. Constituent Assembly election is going to be held in Nepal for the first time .. and they all say it as an historical event and man I am going to be part of it .. as they all say .. but the fact is I am excited more about my fren's bday coming up next week and Nepali New Year than the election. I am interested as I write this today because of my conversation with frens.. but it all seems less interesting to me than any other things that I do..

Now You can say I am less concerned about my country or I am ignorant .. show off youth in Kathmandu.. but I feel what I feel and I want Nepal to prosper but it is so hard to believe in the same old people and all yet again saying New Nepal will come and all..where are all new leaders .. am i one?? then why am i not going .. oh i can easily go insane.. I talked to people who knows politics to quench my ignorance .. and they all say we have to have faith .. hope.. this is the only possible option and way. We all are hopeful.. I will vote yah I will .. we all are seeing a new way and this way is the only way Nepal will move ahead ..where? I and they dunt know but have to so I am voting.. but to some individual person?? I have no idea.. but I know about Ideology of all the parties, (at least three front lines) so I will vote to the most appropriate one.. still there are small bombings and turmoil happening here and there .. I am now worried about tomorrow .. will everything be in peace.. I am also hoping like all.. i have less idea ..there are so many reasons for it .. but the important things is let this election be a big step of moving ahead and not the other way ..

Moving ahead or is it.....?---Part 1

The longest gap ,, time period for not blogging..wishing ...and still ... not blogging hmmm.. I regret and met some of the bloggers who are doing the same.. they too regret.. but was it just the initial fad of knowing how to blog or just showing it off or just like that.. whatever it is .. we all tried and i will now.. hopefully.. sometimes no explanations are needed i will assume.. if anyone reads this.. the ones who are not blogging u can do anytime u like and write anything it is ur blog or even not write .. i think i sound historically out of my mind in writing whatever i am ..

I joined coll.. i was bg .. exams whatever reasons i can give. there will always be reasons for whatever we do.. it is easy...we all need to move ahead and do what we like..so i am just writing we can move ahead and still do what we like to .. blog if u want to and dunt regret.. one quote in THT.. not exact but goes something like this.. "Dunt feel sorry for what u feel.. if u feel sorry then u r regretting for the truth.. so blog on or unblog.."

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I am back

I am back..hehe reminds me of Arnold Swargi ... anyways will sure jot some thing for sure.... soon... The doom's day ended and was damn whatever... too much of task under my tiny fingers hehe....

U tube..Pwr 2 PPl